Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year's Resolution

Welcome to my new year's resolution; cooking 101 new dishes I've never made before all from scratch). Actually, it was last year's resolution... but I'm back with some intestinal fortitude and recipe cards from Hallmark. I've been pumping out recipes day and nite. The cooking list I selected ranges from butter- which has one ingredient, to Chile en Nogada- which is supposedly one of the hardest dishes to make in the world. All dishes are made vegetarian; all card recipes are written with the appropriate carcass but I will let you in on what alternative I used. To the right is my recipe box. Some are worth hundreds of dollars, often given as a wedding present engraved with the lady's new initials. I got this one for fifty cents at a second-hand store- I think it'll hold up!

Food for thought: Did you know the U.S. Army has recipe cards? Here is a link to an index. The bonus in their recipe cards is that they include calorie intake but remember, it's made to serve a hundred people!

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